The Hilo Easter Seals Early Intervention Program has been providing family centered care to children on the East side of the Big Island for over 40 years. The Program annually caters to over 250 children and their families in the Hamakua, Hilo, and Puna communities. The Hilo program provides services to children birth to three years, with a developmental delay and/or disabilities during the critical years of their learning and growth.

The adult services provide goal oriented, person centered approaches to meeting needs and objectives.  One focus has been on accessing the community to integrate and be a part of the community like everyone else.  Developing relationships and participating in activities alongside the people in the community allows the individual to be a productive member of society.  The second focus that has found success is in the area of employment.  With cooperation and collaboration with employers and businesses, competitive employment with competitive pay is made possible.  Several of the people we serve have transitioned from meeting goals to applying their skills in the job force.